Youth Retreat by the Ziji Collective

Youth-Retreat-DCL2012The Ziji Collective offers a special Youth Retreat in Dechen Chöling this summer. The concept of the former Youth Sangha summer retreat, has been melted down and put into a new shape. This retreat is a wonderful opportunity for young people, age of 18 and 35, to get together with like-minded people and learn more about Buddhism and meditation.

Whether you’ve been meditating for years or it’s your first time exploring the discipline of sitting meditation everyone is welcome to spend two or four weeks in the land of great bliss.

The retreat will be offered in a two-week or a four-week variant. The two-week variant will kick off at the 6th of July and will end on the 21st. The first two weeks are focused on practice and study and you will get a change dive in to various forms of meditation such as Shamatha Vipashana and loving-kindness. Part of it will coincide with the Being Brave retreat, which is the biggest annual retreat in Dechen Chöling. Talks will be offered by teachers such as Adam Lobel, Barbara Märtens and Orhun Cercel.

There is an option to stay another two weeks until the 4th of August to be part of a Meditation in Action programme. During Family Camp you will be working with young children. In addition to this prospect of deepening your own understanding Enlightened Society this four-week variant will reduce program costs.

For more information and registration please contact [email protected]

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