Daoistisches Qi Gong Levels 1 and 2 in Stuttgart, Germany

DQlogoCultivate the energy of the body and at the same time the quietness and stability of the mind through the healing postures of the Chinese Qi Gong.

Samten A. Kobelt will teach in Stuttgart Germany, in German, on the weekend 13-14 April.

This is an opportunity to receive instructions on two remarkable Qi Gong lineages: the lineage of Xientianwujimen and the lineage of Yiquan. The postures to be learned and practiced will be from the standing, moving and sleeping Qi Gong. No previous knowledge is required.

This weekend will be organized together with the Shambhala group Stuttgart.

Information and registration: http://www.soud-sirit.de/www/seminare/daoistisches-qi-gong.

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